Salted egg white baked pumpkin
Jingdong meatloaf
Roast duck 238
Kung Pao Chicken
Chicken Balls
Spring Roll
Chicken Wings
Fruit Salad
Wied Chicken Wings
8 head prawn 28 (oil stew, dry burning, garlic open side steaming)
Fried Chicken Vow
Hang pepper small fried meat
Refreshing baby dish
Old soup tendon
Spring rain with blasting shrimp balls
Shu Xiang hair blood Wang
Rice wine small soup round
Vegitable Salad

Chinese   Cuisines

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Our Vision

Our vision is to grow to become one of foremost indigenous food serving organizations in this part of the world. To develop agile food business operations that will support our missions and goal to consistently deliver on and even exceed our customers’ expectations. To be the cutting edge in the hospitality industry.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire healthier communities by providing healthy food options; prepared in scrupulously clean and hygienic manner and served in appealing way. To consistently provide our customers with impeccable service by demonstrating variety, efficiency, professionalism and creativity. We strive to keep our menus tasty, fresh and exciting. We are committed to continuously improve our service delivery by enhancing our customers’ experiences.

 ADDRESS 17 Apara Street,  GRA Port-Hacourt, Rivers State Nigeria.
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